Anti-Carnapping Act: Explainer

“Body building” – refers to a job undertaken on a motor vehicle in order to replace its entire body with a new body. (Section 2[a], R.A. 10883, New Anti-Carnapping Act of 2016)

“Defacing or tampering with a serial number” – refers to the altering, changing, erasing, replacing or scratching of the original factory inscribed serial number on the motor vehicle engine, engine block or chassis of any motor vehicle. Whenever any motor vehicle is found to have a serial number on its engine, engine block or chassis which is different from that which is listed in the records of the Bureau of Customs for motor vehicle imported into the Philippines, that motor vehicle shall be considered to have a defaced or tampered serial number. (Section 2[b], Ibid.)

“Dismantling” – refers to the tearing apart, piece-by-piece or part-by-part, of a motor vehicle. (Section 2[c], Ibid.)

“Identity transfer” – refers to the act of transferring the engine number, chassis number, body tag number, plate number, and any other identifying marks of a motor vehicle declared as "total wreck" or is beyond economic repair by concerned car insurance companies and/or law enforcement agencies after its involvement in a vehicular accident or other incident and registers the same into another factory-made body or vehicle unit, of the same classification, type, make or model. (Section 2[d], Ibid.)

“Motor vehicle” – refers to any vehicle propelled by any power other than muscular power using the public highwa...

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