Crimes against public interest

Title Four – Crimes Against Public Interest

Chapter One: Forgeries

Section One. – Forging the seal of the Government of the Philippine Islands, the signature or stamp of the Chief Executive.

Section Two. – Counterfeiting Coins

Section Three. – Forging treasury or bank notes, obligations and securities; importing and uttering false or forged notes, obligations and securities.

Section Four. – Falsification of legislative, public, commercial, and private documents, and wireless, telegraph, and telephone message.

Section Five. – Falsification of medical certificates, certificates of merit or services and the like.

Chapter Two: Other Falsities

Section One. – Usurpation of authority, rank, title, and improper use of names, uniforms and insignia.

Section Two. – False testimony

Chapter Three: Frauds

Section One. – Machinations, monopolies and combinations

Section Two. – Frauds in commerce and industry


Title 4 – Crimes Against Public Interest, Book 2, Revised Penal Code

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