Crimes committed by public officers

Title Seven – Crimes committed by Public Officers

Chapter 1: Preliminary Provisions

Article 203. Who are public officers. – For the purpose of applying the provisions of this and the preceding titles of this book, any person who, by direct provision of the law, popular election or appointment by competent authority, shall take part in the performance of public functions in the Government of the Philippine Islands, of shall perform in said Government or in any of its branches public duties as an employee, agent or subordinate official, of any rank or class, shall be deemed to be a public officer.

Chapter 2: Malfeasance and Misfeasance in Office

Section One. – Dereliction of duty

Knowingly rendering unjust judgment

Judgment rendered through negligence

Unjust interlocutory order

Malicious delay in the administration of justice

Refraining from prosecution of offenses

Tolerating commission of offenses

Betrayal of trust by an attorney or solicitor

Revelation of secrets by an attorney or solicitor

Section Two. – Bribery

Direct bribery

Indirect bribery

Corruption of public officials

Chapter 3: Frauds and Illegal Exactions and Transactions

Frauds against the public treasury and similar offenses

Other frauds

Prohibited transactions

Possession of prohibited interest by a public officer

Chapter 4: Malversation of Public Funds or Property

Malversation of public funds or property

Failure of accountable officer to render accounts

Failure of a responsible public officer to render accounts before leaving the country

Illegal use of public funds or property

Failure to make delivery of public funds or property

Chapter 5: Infidelity of Public Officers

Section One. – Infidelity in the custody of prisoners

Conniving with or consenting to evasion

Evasion through negligence

Escape of prisoner under the custody of a person not a public officer

Section Two. – Infidelity in the custody of document

Removal, concealment or destruction of documents

Officer breaking seal

Opening of closed documents

Section Three. – Revelation of secrets

Revelation of secrets by an officer

Public officer revealing secrets of private individual

Open disobedience

Chapter 6: Other Offenses or Irregularities by Public Officers

Disobedience to order of superior officers, when said order was suspended by inferior officer

Refusal of assistance

Refusal to discharge elective office

Maltreatment of prisoners

Section Two. – Anticipation, prolongation and abandonment of the duties and powers of public office.

Anticipation of duties of a public office

Prolonging performance of duties and powers

Abandonment of office or position

Section Three. – Usurpation of powers and unlawful appointments

Usurpation of legislative powers

Usurpation of executive functions

Usurpation of judicial functions

Disobeying request for disqualification

Orders or requests by executive officers to any judicial authority

Unlawful appointments

Section Four. – Abuses against chastity

Abuses against chastity


Title 7 – Crimes Committed by Public Officers, Book 2, Revised Penal Code

/Updated: January 18, 2023

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