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ex pacto illicito non oritur actio

Latin maxim. • “an agreement contrary to law or morals can give rise to no right of action in any party to it, either for the enforcement of it, or for the recovery of property parted with in pursuance of it.” (People v. Manansala, En Banc, November 18, 1933 [Per J. Abad Santos, En Banc, Separate Opinion])

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de minimis non curat lex

Latin maxim. • “the law does not take account of trifles” •  “the law does not govern trifles”

salus populi est suprema lex

Latin maxim. • “the welfare of the people is the supreme law” (Southern Luzon Drug Corporation v. DSWD, En Banc, G.R. No. 199669, April 25,

stare decisis et non quieta movere

Latin maxim. • “to adhere to precedents and not to unsettle things which are established” (Lazatin v. Desierto, G.R. No. 147097, June 5, 2009)

summun jus, summa injuria

Latin maxim. • “circumstances alter cases” (Sanchez v. CA, G.R. No. 96306, August 20 1993 [Per J. Romero, Concurring Opinion])

nemo tenetur seipsum accusare

Latin maxim. • “No one is bound to accuse himself.” (Google Translate; See Villaflor v. Summers, En Banc, G.R. No. 16444, September 8, 1920) •

renuntiatio non praesumitur

Latin maxim. • “A waiver of rights is not presumed.” (ACD Investigation Security Agency, Inc. v. Daquera, G.R. No. 147473, March 30, 2004, cited in

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