expressio unius est exclusio alterius

Latin maxim.

• “The expression of one thing is the exclusion of another.” (San Miguel Corporation Employees Union-Phil. Transport and General Workers Org. v. San Miguel Packaging Products Employees Union-Pambansang Diwa ng Manggagawang Pilipino, G.R. No. 171153, September 12, 2007, 533 SCRA 125, 152).

• “the express mention of one person, thing, act, or consequence excludes all others.” (Santos v. Arrojado, A.C. No. 8502, June 27, 2018) • “where the terms are expressly limited to certain matters, it may not, by interpretation or construction, be stretched or extended to other matters”(Zuellig Pharma Corporation v. Sibal, G.R. No. 173587, July 15, 2013)


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