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“The life of the law has not been logic: it has been experience.” – Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

We create content that is based on experience and practical knowledge that can be used in everyday life.

Our Philosophy

Designed and built for you

We follow 3 core principles when we make content.
Our content is designed and built with you in mind.

Audience in mind

We know and understand our audience and thus create content to meet their needs.

Easy to understand

We make sure that our content is as easy to understand as possible for all levels of learning.

Practical knowledge

We focus on giving practical knowledge that you can use at your workplaces.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple:

To be the primary online resource and learning site for Philippine laws

Thus, our mission are as follows:

1) To build a knowledgebase of Philippine laws, regulations, and jurisprudence;

2) To create quality and educational legal content; and

3) To provide additional resources and references.

What people are saying

I searched online wanting to learn about contracts and found your website. Your clear and simple explanation has been very helpful in understanding how contracts work.
Michael Q.
Business Owner
It is really nice to find a website that provides a well-written articles on legal topics to help me with my work. I am now more confident at what I am doing at my company.
Korina D.
I am in my first year in law school. The content here has been especially helpful in guiding me to understand complex legal topics. Kudos! I hope to see more content on more subjects.
Samantha E.
Law Student
Before, I used to watch YouTube videos to understand criminal laws. Now, I prefer reading your articles as it is easier to understand. Thank you so much!
Apple G.
Criminology Student

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