Constitutional Commissions – common provisions, Constitutional Law

1. Independent

The Constitutional Commissions, which shall be independent, are:1) The Civil Service Commission (CSC);2) The Commission on Elections (COMELEC); and3) The Commission on Audit (COA). (Section 1, Part A, Article IX, 1987 Constitution)

2. Appointment

By the President with consent of Commission on Appointments. The Chairman and the Commissioners shall be appointed by the President with the consent of the Commission on Appointments for a term of seven (7) years without reappointment. (Section 1[2], Part B, C, and D, Article IX, Ibid.)

Vacancy appointment only for unexpired term. Appointment to any vacancy shall be only for the unexpired term of the predecessor. (Section 1[2], Part B, C, and D, Article IX, Ibid.)

No appointment or designation in temporary/acting capacity. In no case shall any Member be appointed or designated in a temporary or acting capacity. (Section 1[2], Part B, C, and D, Article IX, Ibid.)

a. Ban on appointment

Election candidate. No candidate who has lost in any election shall, within one (1) year after such election, be appointed to any office in the Government or any government-owned or controlled corporations or in any of their subsidiaries. (Section 6, Part B, Article IX, Ibid.)

Elective official. No elective official shall be eligible for appointment or designation in any capacity to any public office or position during his tenure. (Section 7, Part B, Article IX, Ibid.)

Appointive official. Unless otherwise allow...

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