Exploitation of minors, A278 Revised Penal Code

1. Concept

Exploitation of minors – refers to the crime of exploiting minors as contemplated under Article 278 of the Revised Penal Code.

a. Legal basis

Art. 278. Exploitation of minors. - The penalty of prisión correccional in its minimum and medium periods and a fine not exceeding One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000) shall be imposed upon:

1. Any person who shall cause any boy or girl under sixteen (16) years of age to perform any dangerous feat of balancing, physical strength, or contortion.

2. Any person who, being an acrobat, gymnast, rope-walker, diver, wild-animal tamer or circus manager or engaged in a similar calling, shall employ in exhibitions of these kinds [of] children under sixteen (16) years of age who are not his children or descendants.

3. Any person engaged in any of the callings enumerated in the next preceding paragraph who shall employ any descendant of his under twelve years (12) years of age in such dangerous exhibitions.

4. Any ascendant, guardian, teacher or person entrusted in any capacity with the care of a child under sixteen (16) Years of age, who shall deliver such child gratuitously to any person following any of the callings enumerated in paragraph 2 hereof, or to any habitual vagrant or beggar.

If the delivery shall have been made in consideration of any price, compensation, or promise, the penalty shall in every case be imposed in its maximum period.

In either case, the guardian or curator convicted shall also be...

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