Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legal Resource PH?

Legal Resource PH is the primary resource and learning site on Philippine laws.

In December 2022, Legal Resource PH was created as an improvement and rebranding of Bar Mentor PH, which was created to help 2022 bar examinees during the pandemic.

Since then, the website enjoys a monthly average of 70,000 active users, 219,000 views, and 102,000 sessions per Google Analytics.

Legal Resource PH aims to help in providing access to trusted and quality legal information. While there are various online sites providing legal content, they often fall short in providing a structured and guided content to understanding legal topics.

Legal Resource PH thus aims to provide for trusted and quality legal content aimed at providing simple and easy-to-understand discussions on Philippine laws.

Legal Resource PH was founded by Atty. Jericho Del Puerto in December 2022. After years of private practice and teaching law, he noticed the lack of trusted and quality online legal resources to help those seeking legal information. While he initially started with the project Bar Mentor PH to help the 2022 bar examinees, the project pivoted to Legal Resource PH to cater to a wider audience other than bar examinees, such as business owners, professionals, law students, criminology students, accounting students, and those who wish to understand Philippine law.

Legal Resource PH was built from Bar Mentor PH.

The first several content focused legal content around the bar exam syllabus issued by the Philippine Supreme Court. Over time, these were improved and upgraded to cover and discuss legal topics outside the cover the bar exam and into more practical areas of life.

What is in the subscription?

The subscription covers access to our legal database of articles on various legal topics. While we cover different legal subjects, we do not claim to cover all aspects of the law. Rather, the subscription grants you access to what is in our legal database.

You can use our search and see if there is a content that comes up in the results. If a result comes up, then it is in our legal database. If no results come up, then it is unfortunately not in our legal database.

Yes, the content in our legal database is written/created and/or reviewed by lawyers.

Laws, jurisprudence, and regulations change overtime. If you notice or feel that a content may need updating, feel free to let us know via our Contact Us. We have updated some of our content with the help and feedback of our subscribers. We would be most delighted and thankful if you call our attention on any content that needs updating.

We would be glad to have you contribute to our legal database. If you are interested in contributing, feel free reach out via our Contact Us.