Lessee’s rights and obligations


Rights of the lessee:1) To suspend rent payments;The lessee may suspend the payment of the rent in case the lessor fails to make the necessary repairs or to maintain the lessee in peaceful and adequate enjoyment of the property leased. (Article 1658, Ibid.)2) To rescission and indemnification for damages;If the lessor or the lessee should not comply with the obligations set forth in Articles 1654 [lessor’s obligations] and 1657 [lessee’s obligations], the aggrieved party may ask for the rescission of the contract and indemnification for damages, or only the latter, allowing the contract to remain in force. (Article 1659, Ibid.)3) To terminate lease of dwelling if it brings imminent and serious danger to life/health;If a dwelling place or any other building intended for human habitation is in such a condition that its use brings imminent and serious danger to life or health, the lessee may terminate the lease at once by notifying the lessor, even if at the time the contract was perfected the former knew of the dangerous condition or waived the right to rescind the lease on account of this condition. (Article 1660, Ibid.)4) To terminate lease of dwelling if urgent repairs render it uninhabitable;When the work [for urgent repairs] is of such a nature that the portion which the lessee and his family need for their dwelling becomes uninhabitable, he may rescind the contract if the main purpose of the lease is to provide a dwelling place for the lessee. ...


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