Mutiny, Revised Penal Code

1. Concept

Article 122. Piracy in general and mutiny on the high seas. – The penalty of reclusion temporal shall be inflicted upon any person who, on the high seas, shall attack or seize a vessel or, not being a member of its complement nor a passenger, shall seize the whole or part of the cargo of said vessel, its equipment, or personal belongings of its complement or passengers.
The same penalty shall be inflicted in case of mutiny on the high seas or in Philippine waters. (Act No. 3815, Revised Penal Code)

2. Mode of commission


1) The offender is a member of ship’s complement or a passenger; and,

2) The offender commits mutiny. (Paragraph 2, Article 122, Act No. 3815, Revised Penal Code)

pardon, commutation of sentence or any other reason. (Article 113, Ibid.)


⦁ Book II, Act No. 3815, Revised Penal Code

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