Question VII, Political Law, 2017 Bar Exam

Give the limitations on the power of the Congress to enact the General Appropriations Act? Explain your answer. (5%)

Suggested Answer:

1) The General Appropriations Act should exclusively originate in the House of Representative. Under the 1987 Constitution, all general appropriations bill shall originate exclusively in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments.

2) The Congress may not increase of proposed National Budget by the President. Under the 1987 Constitution, the Congress may not increase the appropriations recommended by the President for the operation of the Government as specified in the budget. The form, content, and manner of preparation of the budget shall be prescribed by law.

3) A provision should relate to some particular appropriation. Under the 1987 Constitution, no provision or enactment shall be embraced in the general appropriations bill unless it relates specifically to some particular appropriation therein. Any such provision or enactment shall be limited in its operation to the appropriation to which it relates.

4) The procedure for approving appropriations by Congress should follow procedure for other departments and agencies. Under the 1987 Constitution, the procedure in approving appropriations for the Congress shall strictly follow the procedure for approving appropriations for other departments and agencies.

5) Special appropriation bills should specify intended purpose. Under the 1987 ...

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