Submissions allowed; verification, C6S9 CPRA

Section 9, Canon VI

SECTION 9. Submissions allowed; verification. – The only submissions allowed are the complaint, answer, and position papers, all of which shall be verified.
A Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping shall accompany the verified complaint.
An unverified complaint shall be recommended for outright dismissal. An unverified answer or position paper shall not be considered. (2023 Code of Professional Responsibility and Accountability or CPRA)

1. Submissions allowed; verification

The following submissions are the only ones allowed:

1) Verified complaint,

2) Verified answer, and

3) Verified position papers.

a. Verified complaint

1) Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping

The verified complaint is required to be accompanied by a Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping.

2) If not verified

Outright dismissal will be recommended for unverified complaints.

b. Verified answer or position paper

As for unverified answers or position papers, they will not be considered.


Canon VI, 2023 Code of Professional Responsibility

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